Jo Painter, the leading UK Career Impact and Confidence Coach


Is a 4-month 121 coaching programme proven to transform your mindset and skills. 

Enabling you to have the courage, self-belief and skills to achieve further career success (whatever that means to you!)

If you know you could achieve more in your career if you didn't have to battle with worrying what others think and had real self-belief

Then it's time to break out of your 'nice girl' conditioning and Play Big  

This 4-month intensive programme is made up of the following modules, all tailored to meet your individual needs and achieve fulfilling career success


Clarity And Self-Awareness - We'll use various tools to gain clarity on your current situation the barriers that are holding you back and to understand what career success looks like to you 

After this module you will be able to articulate with clarity:  

  • The goals and expectations you have for the next 6 months
  • What career success is to you
  • The key elements of your career life that are out of balance
  • The beliefs that are holding you back from your potential


Having A Confident Mindset - The stories our thoughts tell us and how much we listen to them affects our confidence. In this module we'll explore and challenge your mindset and the worry patterns that maybe holding you back

After this module you will have the tools to:  

  • 'Get out of your head' and stop overthinking
  • Challenge 'Imposter Syndrome'
  • Avoid worrying what others think
  • Stop Comparing yourself to others


Being Visible - Having achieved some visibility in your career already, continuing to build on this and to feel comfortable with promoting yourself is important

After this module you will be able to:  

  • Keep your power during meetings
  • Be comfortable self-promoting your successes and potential 
  • Build and market your own personal brand 
  • Speak up in intimidating situations


Communicating Confidently - In this module we'll focus on the key communiction skills that will improve your rapport and influence in the business as well as deal with difficult work relationships

After this module you will have the skills to demonstrate:  

  • Assertiveness
  • Influencing and Persuading
  • Managing conflict and difficult relationships
  • Networking 


Understanding and Managing Others - We'll build on your current understanding of other personalities and how you can use this to influence and manage your boss, colleagues and team

After this module you will understand how to:  

  • Identify different personality types
  • Communicate with and manage different personalites
  • Manage day to day interpersonal situations
  • Not take things personally


Managing Work/Life Balance and Resilience - The final module looks at your work/life balance and gives you coping strategies. Plus a longer term view and understanding of the mind to ensure you have the resilience and sustainability to achieve your career vision

After this module you will understand how to:  

  • Practise self-compassion
  • Set personal boundaries 
  • The principles of how the mind works giving you a different understanding of stress and resilience
  • Build resilience for the long term

“As a partner in a law firm I had already achieved some career success, but felt that some self-doubts and 'nice girl' behaviours were holding me back. Jo's programme opened me up to a different mindset and skills to push myself further. I'm now leading a department and feeling more fulfilled than ever. ”

Annabelle, London.

How Does The Programme Work?

During the 4 months intensive coaching programme you will have:

  • 2 x VIP 1/2 day coaching sessions - 1 to start the programme off and 1 to action plan at the end
  • 3 x 1 to 1 private coaching sessions by telephone, Skype or Zoom each month for the 4 month period. Where we will work through the modules to achieve your goals
  • These calls also include practical on the job coaching, supporting you during current situations
  • Once a month group coaching calls with other women on the programme (optional)
  • Priority access to me via email or messenger 

By the end of module 6 you will have the key tools and strategies to achieve your career success. And you will also have had support and accountability to make sure you take action with them!

I'd love to tell you more about the programme and how you can get started. You can either book a FREE call with me on the button below or email me using the form below